Hi Everyone,

We’ve all been really busy this year and that’s why I’ve decided to recap all of SurgSoc’s first semester of 2013/14  in one post. We’ve gotten off to a good start and there is certainly more to come.

Suturing Seminar

Thanks to everyone who came to take part in our first suturing event of the year. It was very well attended with over 80 participants. For anyone who doesn’t know, we show people how to do basic suturing techniques on pig trotters or skin pads during this 1 hour session. These events are lots of fun and give you an opportunity to practice a skill that you wouldn’t get to try normally.


We also had our EGM early in the year where we welcomed Nick O’Keefe (GEM rep) and Caroline Clifford (1st year rep) to the team.

Research Information Night

The Research Information was another big event for us. We had Prof. Caplice, Dr. Colm O’ Tuathaigh and Dr. Kieran Doran come speak to us about getting research experience and students William Hutch and Michael Hanrahan told us about their recent experiences of summer research projects. The big Summer Research Oppourtunities for those interested are the HRB Summer Student Scholarships, Wellcome Trust Awards and the UCC SURE Awards. It’s never too early to get involved!

Plaster Casting Session

Firstly a BIG thank you to Mr. Colm Taylor and Noel Murphy on hosting us in CUH for the Plaster Casting Session. For those of us lucky enough to never have broken a bone it was a wonderful opportunity to see how to put on a plaster with the added bonus of immobilising your friends in multiple  casts! It was a very fun event and to anyone who missed out I assure you that it’s worth going next year.

Phlebotomy and IV Cannulation Session

These skills require practice and we advise everyone to make use of the CP rooms when they’re free to get as much practice as you can. We’d like to thank Siomon Goislin and Mike Amoo for going through the technique with everyone and helping us with the event.

Christmas MOSCE

The Christmas Mock OSCE was for 3rd year DEMs and 2nd year GEMs. We really couldn’t have done it without the help of the 4th and 5th years! The Stations were Cerebellar, Motor and Senory Systems, Cranial Nerves, Hip and Knee Exam, Headache and Thyroid History. The format was a thought MOSCE with roughly 10 students in a 10 minute tutorial.

For anyone keeping track the actual Christmas OSCE for 3rd year was: Hip Exam, GI exam, Cranial Nerves (The Eye), Phlebotomy, SOB History and MS History.