SurgSoc will be holding a Mock OSCE for 3rd Year DEMs on Tuesday 24th November from 6:30pm to appox 8:15pm and a second session from 8pm to 9:30pm.

For this MOSCE you will be expected to perform the history/ examination on a role player and you will be examined by a fellow student (there will be a 4th year student for the history stations and we will be asking 3rd years to help with the role playing and marking of physical examination stations). The Stations will not be listed beforehand for the MOSCE. Anything you have done up to know is testable but there will be a focus on stations that tend to come up in the real Christmas OSCE.

The Doodle Poll for each session can be found by following this link:
(Please fill the sessions evenly if possible)

We ask that people arrive at their starting time in Brookfield G10 and register on arrival. You will recieve a name sticker with your MOSCE group and starting station.

The format of the stations will be as follows:
1 minute to read the infomation sheet
6 minutes to perform the history/ exam
1 minute to review back to the examiner
5 minute for feedback/discussion + moving to next station

There will be 5 stations + a rest station.

Check out the facebook event ‘here’.