Wednesday, 4 April 2012

19:00 until 20:00

Canada, America, Australia…London, Paris and Milan…..why not Dublin???

Many Junior doctors now a days leave the country for different reasons. Change of scenery, the hope of better training, going back home etc.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a spectacular and vibrant city that has a lot to offer to NCHD’s. Could it be that Dublin may have better training schemes? Or are there major benefits of staying where you trained as an undergrad?? We know nothing or very little of the opportunities in the capital. Well that is about to change!!!

Surgsoc would like to invite you to a talk where 3 Dublin Interns will give you the low-down of the different hospitals, different set ups, different opportunities….and maybe even some tips on what consultants you should approach and some you should run away from as fast as possible! The speakers will give you their perspectives about the hospitals, career opportunities and the social life in the capital, the good and the bad!

Whether you are from Dublin and are planning on going back home, or just sick of Cork and want to do Internship somewhere else, this will be a highly informative talk for a lot of people who like to be in-the-know and keep their options open.

Dr. Aoife Ni Mhaoileoin – The Mater
Dr. Sinead Roisin McEnroe – James’s Hospital
Dr. Erin Renate Allison – Tallagh

Time&Place: Wednesday April 4th at 19:00, Brookfield G10