The Annual SurgSoc MOSCE will be taking place on Monday 23rd March in Brookfield at 6:30pm. This is an excellent opportunity for 2nd years to practice their skills and gain feedback from their peers and older students.

The format this year will be a practice MOSCE where you will each get to practice 1 station and observe your classmates do the other 6. A 3rd year student will playing the role of examiner and everyone will get feedback on how they did with suggestions on how to do it better and written OSCE notes to take home with you.

We are expecting big numbers for this event so please click join if you intend to come so we will have enough examiners!

You will be expected to be prepared for all possible stations for actual OSCE:
– Cardiovascular Exam,
– Resp Exam,
– GIT Exam,
– Motor and Sensory Systems Exam,
– Cranial Nerve Exam,
and History Taking.

You will have 6 minutes per station with 30 seconds reading time.

Please arrive at 6:15pm in Brookfield G10 to be allocated a group and starting station.