General advice for finding a researcher interested in what you are interested in:

  1. Check here for any topics that might interest you:

2. If you find one, or even if you don’t go here next:

  • If you found a topic you like copy and paste the title into the search bar
  • If you didn’t find a topic you are interested in type: Cork and another search term, for example: Cork Surgery

3. Find a paper that you are interested in, click on it, read the abstract, find the author affiliations:

4. See the arrow, those numbers correspond to the authors affiliated hospitals/research centers. In this case number 3, 5 and 6 are associated with facilities in Cork.

5. Click on the associated authors names: example C Hill

6. This will take you to all their publications, if you like the theme and the topics … send them an email.

7. Good luck

Extra Notes:

  1. Be polite and persistent with emails.
  2. If you do meet with them read their papers beforehand.
  3. You can access many journals for free if you login to your UCC library account first:
  4. Last and first authors generally contributed the most to the particular article.
  5. If you are having trouble accessing the article, try doing it on campus, still problems, talk to a librarian at Brookfield.

For information on writing a research proposal, have a look at the University of Edinburgh’s guide:!/fileManager/HowToWriteProposal.pdf