Case Competition

The Annual Surgical Case Competition will be held in RCSI at 7pm on the 5th of February. We will be holding a regional case competition in ucc to select the person who represents us in Dublin and it will be open to 3rd, 4th and Final Years (and the equivalent GEM classes).

The format of the case should be:
Time Frame: 7-minutes per presentation with a 3-minute Q&A session in front of a panel of judges.
Case Format:
– History
– Physical Examination
– Differential Diagnosis
– Management (Investigations; Treatment- Preoperative, Intra-operative, Postoperative notes where appropriate; and Follow-up).
Assessment Criteria:
– Content
– Presentation Layout
– Presentation Skills & Clarity
– Clinical Acumen
– Outside Knowledge in Surgery

We ask that people send summaries of their cases to for pre-selection for the regional competition as time may limit the numbers allowed to enter.