21st Feb. 2012

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex G10 – 7pm

“Women cannot become surgeons”
“Women should not become surgeons”
“Many women never consider surgery as a carrier”

SurgSoc poses the Question…WHY NOT?!

This event is a discussion on career decisions,
leading a successful family life while maintaining a
demanding career. This event is not just for female
students but for everyone who thinks that a surgical
career is not compatible with having a personal and family life!

We are honored and proud to present our speakers:

Professor McGovern
President of Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Ms Louise Kelly
General Surgeon Cork University Hospital

Dr. Aislinn Joy
Clinical Lecturer UCC

Dr Julliette Buckley (M.M.D)
Senior SpR in General surgery in USA

These successful and prestigious women will also speak about the career pathways they chose and how they have achieved great heights in their individual fields.

Refreshments will be provided after the talk!